Khovd Bird Ringing Station was established in 2018 to carry out long term bird ringing study in western part of the country and serve as a local bird conservancy and public wildlife education place in western Mongolia.  

It is located on the Tugrug River in Mankhan soum, Khovd province (N47.44742°; E 92.22959°), 80 km from Khovd City, Khovd province, and 1410 km west from Ulaanbaatar. 

The Station is located on a river that runs through a tree plantation. Tree lines are run from north to southerly direction making it a suitable place for bird ringing activities. 

The famous Khar Us Lake is not very far from this location and it is a Ramsar Site and Important Bird Area. Also mountains nearby are belong to Mongol Altai mountain range with good combination of high mountainous species and semidesert species in lower elevation. Volunteers visiting this statain can spend a day or two birding in these areas.