Khurkh Bird Ringing Station

The Khurkh Bird Ringing Station (KBRS) is located in the Khurkh River Valley in southeastern part of Khentii Mountain range, 20 km north-east of the Khurkh Village, Khentii province (N 48.28002°; E 110.49201°).

Aerial view of the ringing station

It is a premier location for avian research activities in Mongolia due to its landscape features and location in the flyway. The site provides excellent birding opportunities to observe passage song birds migrating through eastern Khentii Mountains and southern Siberia and many summer visitors breeding in the area. 

The aim of the KBRS is to carry out a long-term bird migration monitoring study in eastern part of the Khentii Mountain range in Mongolia. In addition, the ringing station provides an opportunity to train younger generation of biologists in the country.
KBRS is a very young and new bird ringing station compared to ringing stations in other countries. However, today it is the only bird ringing station regularly operating in Mongolia.
All operations at KKBRS are volunteer based. One staff of WSCC undertakes the role of coordinator. Most of the volunteers are from several universities in Mongolia, but volunteers from abroad are common and increasing. 

We were very excited to receive a donation of 15 mln Mongolian tugrik from the Taigiin Bulag LLC to build a log house at the station. The new log house was a huge improvement for the working condition of the ringers and volunteers. Dr. Nyambayar Batbayar, the director of WSCC of Mongolia, said, “This day is another important day for the history of Mongolian ornithology and bird ringing. Our new housing will be a big relief for those devoting their time and energy here at the Khurkh Bird Ringing Station. Now they can comfortably work and stay warm during days with harsher weather”.